Our Process

Communication is key.  Gathering the proper information prior to providing estimates is a must. Many companies will provide estimates on site, based on notepad sketches.  At Smith+Baker, we take great pride in our ability to analyze site conditions and develop very detailed solutions, along with providing accurate construction estimates.

We have created a seamless and transparent process that allows you to be part of the design process every step of the way.

Learn how great design is critical to maximizing your investment

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Introduction and Assessment

During the initial phone call, our professional staff will gather general information regarding the project and a site visit will be scheduled with one of our licensed landscape architects. Once on site, we will gather a general inventory of your “wants and needs” for transforming your space. Details such as the location of the project, the timeframe for design, a general scope of work, and a preferred investment value for the project will be addressed. With that information, we can begin to visualize how to transform your space and what the pros and cons might be for the elements you’ve requested. An overview of our services will be explained so you can decide if Smith+Baker is the right fit for your needs. Then, our Design Services Agreement will be submitted to you defining the scope of work and services to be provided. Upon acceptance of our Design Services Agreement, a site survey and analysis will be scheduled.

Commitment and Analysis

After defining a general scope of work and a commitment from the client to work with Smith+Baker, we will conduct a detailed site survey and analysis of existing conditions. The analysis can include a wide range of elements which are unique to each project.

Common elements in most site surveys include:

  • property size/layout
  • dimensions of the house noting window and door locations
  • layout of any existing structure or hardscape
  • any other site specific element that may be critical to the design.

Once the critical information is gathered, a detailed site base is created. With the completed site base, we will have a scaled plan to create an accurate and functional design.

Concept and Review

Upon completion of the detailed survey and base plan preparation, preliminary design services begin. We maximize the function of the space by incorporating all elements defined in the scope of work.  Upon review of the conceptual design, we will revisit your investment value and suggest the material finishes that fit your budget. Your feedback is critical at this point.


With approval of the concept plan, a final master plan will be created. This detailed final plan will define all site specific elements including quantity, shape, color, types of materials, etc.  We also provide you with a detailed construction proposal which defines all elements of the project and the associated costs.

Contract and Construction

With approval of the final master plan and construction proposal, an agreed upon start date will be established. We look forward to breaking ground and building your dreams!