From breaking ground to ground breaking, a Smith+Baker greenscape is the perfect compliment to your home’s architecture, boosting the aesthetic appeal and overall value. Our customers prefer our style of design that incorporates a lower maintenance approach to landscaping.


Let's Talk About It

As part of the design process, we will lead you through a detailed discussion to determine your goals for the new landscape in order to determine which plants suit your needs. Some of our questions can include:

  • Are you looking for more or less shade?
  • Are you interested in plants that bloom?
  • Do you have any allergies to certain plants?
  • Is the goal to frame a view or delineate a space?
  • Are you hope to screen your neighbors for more privacy?

Based on your response, a planting plan will be developed incorporating your goals for the space. As landscape architects, we are able to develop a plan that meets your needs while simultaneously beautifying your home and property.

Landscaping Work We've Done So Far