A. Maverick

Smith and Baker solved our patio drainage problems and worked closely with us to develop a lovely landscape that has garnered many compliments from friends and neighbors. They were highly attentive to our desires regarding the landscape. Their crew and subcontractors were friendly, efficient, and neat. They were there when scheduled or let us know if they could not be. They were a pleasure to work with.

G. Guidry

Recently, my husband and I built a beautiful outdoor kitchen and bar room (Starkey Builders); however, when the job was complete it was obvious that the rest of our backyard needed attention. In fact, it needed a complete makeover. Eric Smith, the Smith in Smith and Baker, met us at our home to determine what we needed to tie in our house with the outdoor kitchen. After the plans were prepared, we met with Eric who went over the plans and explained them in detail. We were very pleased with the overall plan, but asked him to scale back some elements to save on costs. Eric accommodated our wishes and called us back a few days later to go over the changes. When the plans were completed, Smith and Baker’s employees performed all work in a professional manner. That work included a cypress wood deck partially surrounding the outdoor kitchen, a courtyard area and path composed of pave stones, and a circular brick fountain area that surrounds a fiberglass sugar kettle that contains a fountain. One of the design elements we really enjoy is a cypress walkway from the kitchen that extends behind the house providing us with a path from the opposite side of the house to the courtyard/outdoor kitchen. Smith and Baker employees were always courteous and willing to answer questions. and address concerns. In particular, Justin Baker, would take the time to outline what work they would be doing over the next few days and how that would tie into the overall project. It was evident that Justin is a professional who actually enjoys working on these types of projects. We had some weather delays and a delay because my cypress supplier dropped the ball on an order, but other than that, the project was completed on time and on budget. It is an understatement to say that we are pleased with their work. We also feel that we have made longtime friends with the Smith and Baker team. They should be starting on another project for us in the next few weeks…that says volumes on the quality of their work.

R. Simmons

Justin Baker and his guys at Smith Baker performed a complete makeover on our backyard, including a pool and outdoor kitchen installation. Justin designed the pool, outdoor kitchen, landscaping, irrigation, lighting and drainage. The planning and design considerations were extensive, taking into account the size of the yard, the location of the house and how the outdoor area would interact with the existing house in term of materials used and the flow of the living area. The result is the outdoor living area appears as if it were always there and had been built and designed with the house. Justin and his entire staff was a pleasure to work with and interested in nothing but complete satisfaction from us on the project. They have many excellent craftsmen that they use to complete the many phases a large project and Justin takes care of all of the coordination and supervision. He is very hands on throughout the whole project and is very responsive and easy to reach with texts, emails or phone calls. We have used Smith Baker for 2 large jobs and I would most definitely, and have, recommended them to friends and family. 

K. Gaspard

Before we called Smith & Baker, our yard looked like a swamp and was unusable for days after a hard rain. Eric & Justin created an awesome drainage plan and installed it quickly. Everyone kept us informed and up-to-date throughout the entire installation process. Eric & Justin were always easy to reach and always available to answer any of our questions. Now, we are so happy to have a beautiful green yard and not a muddy mess! Smith & Baker’s work is top-notch, and we will definitely be using them again for future projects. These guys are great!

K. Morgan

We hired Smith & Baker to design and execute a COMPLETE overhaul of our backyard space. The landscape plan included a multi-level patio and deck, an outdoor kitchen structure, a beautiful water feature, raised planting beds, extensive subsurface drainage, irrigation and lighting. The results are AMAZING!! Working with Eric and Justin throughout the entire process was so easy. The creativity, insight, and work ethic of these two talented professionals is unparalleled. Our project was extensive, and their team managed to complete it on time and within budget! Thanks to Smith & Baker, we have the backyard of our dreams, and are looking forward to our next project with them!

K. Gary

I hired Smith and Baker to put in some drainage in my backyard, near my pool. It flooded every time it rained and my back patio was a muddy mess a lot of the time. Smith and Baker created a drainage system to re-route the water into a drain in our front yard. They were in and out in 2 days and we haven’t had any flooding problems since (this was 3 years ago). They were very professional, speedy and efficient. I’d recommend them to anyone!

D. Hillis

If you have big drainage problems, you will want to read this. I had a complex drainage problem. Our house is the lowest house on the street. We bought our house 18 months ago and believe we inherited compound drainage issues. We had water under our pier and beam house, and the water was coming in from multiple areas around our house. When I say water under the house, I mean a lot of water. It was described by one person as “a pond under our living room.” I initially started to try to address the problem by paying for “little” things – like foundation vents to let it dry up faster, gutters to redirect rain water, rain barrels to collect rain water in one trouble spot. I realized that if I kept going down that road – paying for little things – a thousand here, several hundred here, several hundred there, and so on – I would end up paying for lots of band-aids that fail to really address the problem – the water flow, and I’d be out thousands of dollars. I needed some expert advice – someone trained in fixing drainage problems. I am SO glad I found Smith & Baker. They are honest, dependable, and – this is the kicker – they bring a scientific approach to their craft. They objectively measured the grade around my house and identified high spots that would impede the water flow, allowing it to take the path of least resistance – under our house. The proposed a plan for reshaping the ground to remove the high spots – they called this “swale work.” This created an ideal path of least resistance – through the yard (not under the house) to a large storm drain that already existed. Then they came in and measured after to ensure the high spots were gone and the grade of the house was to the front yard to the storm drain. The solution was elegant, efficient, much cheaper than piecing together band-aids, and most importantly effective. Today I got my new sod installed. I am dumping loads of water, and (a) I see no water where it used to collect and (b) I am happy to see water runoff going down our storm drain. Their solution was absolutely ideal. If you have a real drainage problem, trust me – you will save money and headaches by going with experts. 

L. Holmes

Smith & Baker did everything for the landscaping on our new house from design, to planting, lighting and sprinkler system. Preliminary meetings help define the scope and budget for landscaping. They addressed any concerns we had, especially drainage issues in our courtyards and were very good at explaining the care of the plants themselves. They even offer a maintenance plan if you so desire. For a novice like me, the guidance was especially helpful, but they always welcomed any ideas or input we provided. The landscaping is beautiful!

R. Kenney

I have used Smith & Baker for a couple of larger and multiple smaller scale projects as well as intermittent trimming of bushes, bed mulching, etc. Eric Smith and Justin Baker are young professionals that can do just about whatever is needed, from landscaping around the house, to running water and electricity lines across property and adding gravel to and grading roads. They are resourceful and responsive to everything I’ve asked about. They personally oversee their crew, often working alongside. They will come up with ideas when I am at a loss for what I would like to do with a certain area. In the last decade I have used several other landscape professionals before, but Smith & Baker have been the best; they’re the only ones I call now.

K. Ourso

Smith and Baker transformed our outdated and unused back patio area into a welcoming pool and outdoor kitchen! They found ways to tie in the new addition with our existing home, making the whole project look as if it was all built together. We also had the grounds surrounding the pool landscaped by their company, along with irrigation and lighting. We are more than pleased with the finished outcome. Every question or issue that arose was always handled promptly and we felt very secure in their handling of the entire addition. Eric and Justin are easy to work with and have a great eye for detail. We highly recommend Smith and Baker!

E. Allen

This is the second project that Smith and Baker has done for us. The first was to repair damage from Hurricane Gustav in the front yard. This second project was a backyard makeover. It entailed removing hardscapes and over grown yaupons while adding drainage, irrigation, lighting, and providing a shade structure adjacent to an existing pool. This finished product is a show piece. Our new backyard now has more green space, architectural interest in the form of a large wooden arbor, four reclaimed cypress planters filled with black bamboo, and a focal point brick planter anchored with a Sylvester palm. The newly installed landscape lighting and remodeled pathway, fence, and gate further enhance the setting. We are the talk of the neighborhood. We did not enter this project with any preconceived notions on plant selection or design but relied totally on the talents of Eric Smith and Justin Baker. We are so glad we did. It pays to trust these professionals. We would not change a thing. The entire staff of Smith and Baker were a delight to have working at our home and were sensitive to our needs. They were always available to answer any questions, address concerns, and took the time to discuss that day’s activities. They left each day with the job as clean and straight as possible. We would definitely work with Smith and Baker again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

D. Vincent

I have used Smith & Baker and my wife and I have been very pleased with our experience. They are easily accessible and their work is detailed, clean, and prompt. They provided plenty of feedback throughout and were very eager to make our project meet our satisfaction with both quality and price. I have and will recommend them to anyone in need of landscaping and construction.